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Cosmic being of Bauhaus 


It is a personal approach to Bauhaus dance theatre 


Bauhaus dance theatre focused on body movement and stage composition; therefore, I used an old photography technique called ‘stroboscope’ to print a 3D environment of motion into a 2D surface (photograph). The stroboscope is a technique that allows the flash unit to flash in rapid session (up to a hundred times a sec), which allows capturing the moving subject in multiple images, this is a phase ‘one’ of Cosmic Being implementation. Phase ‘two’ is combining the graphic design elements of Bauhaus onto the pictures such as the use of geometrical shapes and picture cropping.


Cosmic Being is rooted in my written part of the Thesis that touches upon the evolving of Bauhaus dance theatre; thus, the project is a personal implementation to celebrate the 100 years of Bauhaus.


These photographs were exhibited in Himmelblau gallery at Blind spot graduation exhibition



Technique:Photography / Graphic design


Year: 2019 

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