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Mohammed (Moe) Mustafa was born in Kuwait in 1985 to Palestinian parents, brought up in Jordan, and is currently based in Finland. He is very proud of his mixed cultural background and heritage, considering himself an artist at once Palestinian, Jordanian, and Finnish. Moe Mustafa is involved in various art and design fields including graphic design, sound design, video art, and theatre. His work in design and video involves a combination of duotone colors, contrast colors, typography, and glitch, while in theatre Moe Mustafa’s writing and direction veer into the abstract and avant-garde.




Graphic design and photography. Al- Quds college 2006.

Voionmaan opisto Filmmaking course. Completed 2014.

BA Fine art and media. TAMK 2018




Imatran kulttuuritalo, Virta, 2015  

Telakka, Tampere, 2017

Feast of Art, Taidetila, Tampere, 2017


Photography, Video/ Graphic design/ sound design


Kukunor ja Unikuu (Kajaanin Runoviikko, 2016) – Photographer

Sotku Magazine, Kuopio (2016) – Graphic and layout designer

Yksin Berliinissä (Vapaa Teatteri ,2017) – Photographer, designer, and director assistant

Pesärikko (Vapaa Teatteri, 2017) – Video and sound designer, graphic designer 

Oresteia (Vapaa Teatteri /Theatre academy, 2018) – sound designer, graphic designer

Miehen Kylkiluu (Vapaa Teatteri, 2018) – sound designer, graphic designer

Pakolaiset (Vapaa Teatteri / Tampereen Teatteri, 2018) Video and graphic designer



Theatre work – Directing/ acting


2009-2011, Teatro Di Nascosto – Actor

2017, When a Rainbow is Black, Teatteri Telakka – Director, scriptwriter, visual artist (invited to Porin Lainsuojattomat Festival)

2018, Not for Men – Director, scriptwriter, visual artist, and sound artist 




TAMK study grants, 2017-2018

Koneen säätiö, 2018 

Taike 2018 

Tampereen Kaupunki 2018

SKR 2019





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